Monday, August 24, 2015

Cannon Beach ~ RV Style

Love the beach life. Karen had a free weekend at the RV Park in Cannon Beach and invited us along. It was beautiful!

Dad and I took off in the wee hours of the morning, August 20th. We crossed over at Bridge of the God's to the Washington side and went through Washougal....etc. ending up at Long Beach. We did a bit of shopping and had lunch before going on over to Astoria and working our way down to Cannon Beach, where we met up with Karen and crew!

The RV Park was pretty nice; equipped with nice showers, a pool, Jacuzzi and within walking distance of the beach. Thursday night we had dinner before heading over to the beach to watch the sunset. Then we went swimming. Friday was spent shopping before heading over to Oswald State Park and relaxing at the beach.... Saturday we did the shopping, sightseeing and beach thing. Late in the evening we walked into town for ice cream, then on down to the beach until way after dark.

Sunday morning, Dad and I left early and took our time heading home. We took an alternate route which was rerouted because of the fires and ended up getting to Portland late afternoon. We went to dinner, drove over to the temple where we walked the grounds...then headed on home....arriving usual. :) But it was worth it. We had a wonderful weekend and treasured time with family!
 Burying Colby
 Shopping at Ilwaco Summer Days!
 Kenz, Grandma, Travis Jr. and Colby

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