Monday, July 11, 2011

Camping with the Grandkids

Jayden and Karen

Colby and Kenzie

Mackenzie's hooked!

Even Karen's getting some action

Jayden and Shyane

Grandpa showing how to clean a fish

Keeping Tracen happy with an oreo

Grandpa with the boys

Tracen didn't care for camping much!

Keeping warm!!!

We had a wonderful weekend camping up at Jubilee with the grandkids. Grandpa and Colby were first out on the lake Saturday morning to catch some trout. All the kids loved fishing and Jayden took turns taking the girls canoeing. We really enjoyed our weekend. Saturday night we popped some popcorn and ate smores! Sunday, while Grandpa fished with Kenzie and Jayden, the rest of us hiked around the lake. Nights were pretty chilly but the day time was beautiful! Good times.