Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jayden's Eagle Project

Day 1 - The prep
Brooke & Jayden
The Crew

Brother Meldrum
Brooke helping out
Couldn't have done it without Dad

Day 2 - Laying the Gravel
Dad getting tips from a Jr. volunteer
Jayden directing the project
Dennis was the first to show up!

Finally!!! Exciting times as Jayden finishes up his scouting experience. He planned a project that involved two days of clearing and blazing a hiking trail at the base of Badger Mountain, and then laying gravel along that trail. This will be used for the handicapped or those who can't make the steep climb. Amazingly, he had 23 people show up to help him on a windy Saturday morning, and another 23 on Monday to finish the project. Most of them were friends from High School and some ward members. It really says a lot about Jayden as a person when so many would come out to help him achieve this goal. He's very blessed.

Sharing Talents

Jayden, Shawn and Jeremy
Singing for Sam (our neighbor)

About a month ago, Jayden and a couple of his friends (Shawn and Jeremy) decided to combine their voices and spread the gift of music. Each Sunday night, they go around to different homes and sing beautiful hymns to those who are homebound, and often alone. What a blessing they have been! More of the youth are wanting to get involved and do the same. What a wonderful sharing of talents!

Sample of the great talent in our youth!

Catching up in February

Dad, Dennis and Jayden
Dennis awarding John the Mentor Pin

The New Year has brought fun and exciting changes! I was called as the Young Women President in Church and so far, I am loving the responsibility and the girls are such a tremendous example to me. Now that I have my counselors in place, we’re preparing for the year’s activities and girls camp—which I’ll be going to!!! A week of camping in the mountains with teenagers…AWESOME!!!

As a family, we have redirected our focus to follow more closely the “Law of Attraction”, or in biblical terms, “Law of the Harvest”; focusing on righteous attraction of prosperity and abundance. No negative thoughts, words or actions. It’s amazing to see the results already as we maintain an attitude of gratitude for all that the Lord has blessed us with. Miracles and life lessons have come to us and there’s no worry or fear of the future, but a sure knowledge that the Lord is in charge and knows the desires of our hearts.

John was given a wonderful honor by a young Eagle Scout that he taught over the years. Dennis Christiansen presented him with the "Mentor Pin" at his court of honor. Quite an honor for dad!!!

John’s had some health challenges this winter—thought we were looking at a heart attack but after a short hospital stay, that’s inconclusive. So now we’re on to exploring other options. Thank God for nitro tablets. We’re spending lots of time with the grandkids and treasuring those moments.