Sunday, January 4, 2009

Josten and Breck's visit

Josten & Dad
Josten & Jayden (two of a kind)
Uh oh...Breck's in time-out
Shyane & Sheri playing guitar hero
Katrina and her Matty bird

It was so wonderful having our two boys home for a few days. Thanks for sharing, Sarah! I love your little family. Josten spent some good time with his dad and Jayden and I hung out with Breck. We let the birds out and Breck was quite taken with Matty. He giggled and pointed as she flew around the house. Josten was a little quirky...not used to having a flying object zooming past his head, but Matty was checking out the company. While I was making homemade bread for dinner, Matty decided she wanted to sample the dough. We all went to Karen and Travis' and played on their new Wii, guitar hero and also took in a game of Sniglets, which Sheri dominated! Way to go, girl... On their final day, Dad, Josten and Jayden took their toys out for target practice while I stayed home and kept warm with Breck. It was a memorable weekend and we so appreciated Josten making the drive, especially when the roads were so trecherous, atleast on his end. We had nice sunny weather and warm temps but that's the desert for ya!