Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Memories

Jayden talking with Grandpa Floyd (he's 104)
Grandpa Floyd's in kid heaven
Karen's crew and Jayden
Karen, Katrina, Aunt Diane and Sandra
Dennis, John, Aunt Diane and Jayden
We had a really wonderful Easter Sunday with my Aunt Diane and her family. We met in Kahlotus at Sandra's for a scrumptious ham dinner and lots (lots) of dessert and easter egg hunting in the house. It was raining pretty hard outside but we still had fun! Grandpa Floyd was there and he is just as I remember. Full of spunk! The neat thing to share with the kids was that Floyd was my mother's math teacher when she was young and my aunt married his son. We had good food, fun memories and a relaxing Sabbath day.