Friday, June 14, 2013

Graduation Overload!!

My boy has reached a huge milestone in his life...his high school graduation! It's bittersweet; knowing that he's a step away from independence and leaving the nest, and the thrill of seeing all that Dad and I have invested. Jayden is an amazing young man who's well on his way to becoming a magnificent missionary, devoted husband and father! We are so excited for him.

Celebrations began as we honored our seniors for Senior Recognition Night in our ward. That was a fun event and I think the youth felt the love. 
 Mom had a rough time holding back the tears
 Dad had a rough time holding back the sentiment too!
 Jayden had a rough time holding back the humor!! ha...

Crestview Ward Seniors!!!
~ ~ ~ ~
As for graduation day, all the family came for his open house (except our boys Jehkiah and Josten who are too darn far away...Georgia). We had a wonderful time after the ceremony in our backyard; eating and enjoying good conversation with friends and neighbors. I spent weeks getting flowers planted, and the yard in shape so I was thrilled!!!

Proud moment for both of us
 Good neighbors, friends and family
~ ~ ~ ~
The following morning was spent at the Olsen's for Leslie's graduation open house. The grand kids loved playing with Grandpa on the trampoline. It was a memorable weekend.
 Looks like a fingerprint got in the way of the fun!
 Grandpa was the "shark monster"
~ ~ ~ ~
After all the hoopla, we celebrated CBC's graduation rather quietly in June with just Dad & I, Karen and the kids. We're so proud of our son ~ graduating from high school with his AA Degree. 
Quite an achievement!!!
 Tracen snuck in the picture...too cute
Colby, Tracen and Mackenzie
Brother and Sister 
 This is what boredom looks like
Father and Son