Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Life with a bird

Our bird, Matty has been with us for almost three months. Our dog, Gunner, discovered her in the backyard one day this summer. (She was nearly mulch from the lawnmower). We rescued her just hours after she was booted from her nest (along with two siblings who later died). When we found her she was beak and skin, having no feathers to keep her little body warm. We brought her home, googled "how to care for a sparrow" and began our journey as a bird rescuer. It's been amazing raising this little creature from infancy. She really believes I'm her mommy and Dad has her quite spoiled. She loves to soar through the house and hide when it's bedtime. Her favorite thing to do is perch herself on John's sherbet bowl, stealing little bites in between his. A month after we found Matty, another sparrow landed in our yard. She's a little older and not quite as secure as Matty but "Mayday" is good company and is safe from the neighbor's cat. John's brought me two other birds to nurture, a Magpie and Finch but I wasn't successful in those. They were a little too far gone. But, they died knowing someone loved them.