Saturday, July 24, 2010

Canoeing at Jubilee

Jayden lovin' the success
Dad caught the big one of the day!
Jayden started a fire with his flint & steel
He got it going pretty good
Mom and Jayden

Even though Mom had surgery on her shoulder, we headed up to Jubilee to spend some family time together. Jayden and Dad brought in some awesome trout. I think Mom caught a couple but mainly, she just stayed "medicated" and relaxed on the canoe. We laughed so much while out on the lake--just really loving our time together. We've found we like camping better on the backside of the lake in the primitive section so we haul in our own water and use the tailgate for our cooking space. It's so much quieter and private. The weather was beautiful, lake calm and serene. It was a pretty magical weekend and of course, topped it off with blizzards at DQ.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend in Bonner's Ferry

Jehkiah, Carl, Owen and Colson, John, John Baisden and Cameron
Owen, Shasta and Colson
Papa John holding Colson and John Baisden
Colby, Makenna, Travis Jr. and Kaelynn
Rocking the baby to sleep
Kaelynn sharing her hat with Papa
Jayden and Braden
Grandpa with the kids
Shyane and Jayden
Mom and Jayden
Jayden watching Kaelynn having a "moment"
Everyone in line for a hike

After a horrendous day work day Friday, we weren't sure we'd make it. Our old Chevy broke down as we were heading home after work so we had to wait for a tow truck. We didn't leave town until 5:30 p.m. but once we hit the road, we could feel the weight dissapate and a sense of peace come over us. We stopped for dinner in Coeur 'd Alene before heading on up to the mountains. (It's nice to have a well-running truck with an adapter--we watched movies all the way).

We were completely at peace and felt at home while visiting Shasta and her family in Bonner's Ferry last weekend. The family all gathered for Colson's baby blessing and as usual, we had a wonderful time. Saturday morning, John and I got up early and took a drive around town, checking out yard sales and dreaming. We ended up at the little Farmer's Market downtown....that was fun. We arrived back at Shasta's in time to head out for a hike up to the waterfalls. Sadly, we weren't listening very well to the kids as they complained of mosquito bites; thinking they were just being whiny. They got chewed up pretty bad. We then hit the park for lunch, let the kids play then went to do a little consignment shopping before taking the kids to the lake for a swim. After we got home and cleaned up, Owen let the kids take the 4-wheeler's out. Jehkiah showed up by then to entertain the kids.

Shasta was the perfect hostess; feeding us with all her new salad recipes. Sunday, after Sacrament we came home to a wonderful lunch and good times. We loved it all and had such a lonely feeling when we had to leave. I kept thinking of those mountains and our beautiful grandbabies all week!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Josten and Sarah Come to Visit!

Josten, Sarah and the kids came for a night to visit, and also to give Grandpa a blessing. We had a wonderful time; picnicking at Howard Amon Park and goofing off with the kids! Tuesday, Jehkiah (who also came for a visit) and Josten gave John a blessing of healing as he's been feeling rather puny lately. I am ever amazed at the closeness of our family. Whenever we need each other, we're here. We are so blessed to share the bonds that we do. Life as a Cornett has been my greatest joy. To have the love of John and our children is what keeps me least it keeps me moving forward and trying to be better.

Sarah and Karen talking "kids"Jovi and Jayden rock climbing Mackenzie and Shyane sitting on top of the world Josten showing Jovi the "moves" Sarah and Sienna taking a dip
Colby outrunning Uncle Jayden
Papa taking Breck and Tyler fishing off the dock

Sienna having a moment with Tracen Breck receives instruction from Jayden Jehkiah preparing to give Dad a blessing

Liliana's visit

We had a wonderful two day visit with Javis, Chaylia and Liliana who were up from Utah. What a precious little girl Lilibug is. Javis and Chaylia are so devoted. We had a great time just hanging out and playing with our little girl!! We didn't have a lot of time together but the time we did have was memorable. Thank you so much guys for coming to stay.

Grandma Trina and LilibugPapa and Liliana
Liliana loves Uncle Jayden Jayden, Javis, Lilibug and Chaylia