Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Baisden's Come To Visit

Our boy Colby!
Makenna explaining something to Tracen
Owen, Jayden and Shyane (on her phone:)
Shasta & Karen with their boys
Owen & Jayden
Uncle Jayden with Braden, Kaelynn and Colson
Shasta and Makenna doing hair
Papa and Braden taking "Will" for a ride.

Shasta and Owen brought the kids for the weekend to help us celebrate Colby's big day! I love having them here. We had such fun. Papa took Braden on the new riding mower with Will (Will was his gingerbread man that his teacher sent here. We kept him for a month and noted his adventures in a journal, then sent him and the journal back). The girls loved playing with the dolls and their jewelry stash at Grandma's! We spent Saturday at Karen's. Tracen and Colson loved playing with each other. It's so fun to watch these kids grow in love for each other. It was a weekend of spiritual insights, family bonding and love. I'm so blessed.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Colby's Baptism

Colby and Grandpa
Travis and Colby
Colby and Grandpa
Papa & Grandma will kids

We had a wonderful day--celebrating Colby's baptism! I can't believe he's 8. Shasta and Owen came for the big day which made it even more special. We met at the church for the ordinance. It was incredibly moving to watch Travis baptize him. He's so blessed to have a great family. We then went back to Karen & Travis' for a nice lunch and to visit! Jayden and Mackenzie both gave talks and the spirit was very strong. It was so wonderful!