Sunday, July 19, 2009

Harry Potter

After a long, long wait, Jayden and I took Shy, Mac and Colby to see the new Harry Potter movie! As the kids would say, "Oh my gosh, it was awesome!" It was pretty spectacular. We devoured lots of popcorn, chocolate and pop, went home with tummy aches and fun memories. I think it was a pretty eventful day. The older the kids become, the more fun it is to do things that they enjoy.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Karen's Weekend

Shy's just getting in some practice
Shasta, Shawnte (& Vance), Karen, Mac, Sarah
with Dad
Travis helping in the celebration
Sarah, Shawnte' and Shasta
helping Karen celebrate her day!
Mackenzie, Karen and Shyane
Karen got some great gifts
(my cousin Sandra and Aunt Diane came too)
Shawnte' and Shasta coordinating the games
The decorating committee
(Sarah and Shawnte')
Our beautiful Vance
Sweet Makenna (after a night with a fever)
Little Breck. We caught him when he wasn't moving!
Funny Girl...Sienna with Grandma!
Mac, Grandpa, Shawnte' and Colby
Shyane showing Braden how to make a smore
Say smore!
Kaelynn didn't like getting her fingers gooey!
(who is that old lady in the picture?)
Karen celebrated the arrival of our new baby surrounded by those who love her the most. Her sister's Shasta, Shawnte' and Sarah came down (with their family's) to help me give her a baby shower. After all Karen's been through the past couple of years, we wanted to help her attain as much as possible. She thought her baby days were over and had given her stuff to the girls...ha! Just shows you who's really in charge. We had a fun weekend beginning the night before the shower when the grandkids stayed outside with me and made smores! Saturday, Grandpa took the small kids for a ride on his riding lawnmower...they loved that! After the shower, we all came back to my house to hang out, eat and visit. It was a wonderful weekend but I have to admit, once the last of the company drove off, Grandpa and I went upstairs and took a two hour nap! ha...