Sunday, January 30, 2011

Catching Up

Papa and Vance
Vance and Tracen "sharing"
Vance "beating up" papa
Grandma and Tracen
Karen and Shawnte'
Cameron and Vance

I am so behind on entries... It's just been crazy here. John and I both got really sick around the holiday's. Poor Jayden. I think he felt like he was living in the geriatric ward of the Cornett household. We made it through the holiday's and after a visit to the doctor, found out I was "severely anemic" and had to have a hysterectomy. No more babies for me...:) So, Friday, January 14th I went in for surgery. That was not fun...and I'm still re-cooperating. Can't lift, can't's very limiting but I've really learned who I can count on. I've been so blessed. John, Jayden and Karen have really stepped up to help me get through this. John has to go to Virginia Mason in March for tests as well. There isn't anything more the doctor's here can do. They just don't know how to handle the issue of pancreatitis so they're referring him to Seattle. Hopefully, we'll find out what's causing him so much pain and get him some help. He can't continue in this way. On the bright side, Shawnte and family were here the first part of January so we could play with Vance. We had a fun night at Karen's playing games, eating and just hanging out. It was so nice to have them here. Shawnte just delivered our newest granddaughter, Demi this past week. A new grand baby to play with... Life is busy, but good.