Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bonner's Ferry Trip

Fun on the boat
Enjoying the ride
Braden making us pancakes
Jayden and Braden
Papa and the kids
Grandma Trina and the kids
The Baisden Bunch John, Katrina and Jayden
Papa and the girls
Taking a hike
We decided to spend a weekend with Shasta and the family before heading back into the routine of fall; school, activities and the holiday rush. It was so peaceful. We took a nice long hike on Saturday--venturing out with all the kids. They loved it and there were no mosquitoes!!! We just visited, watched Leave it to Beaver and played with the kids. Braden even made us pancakes for breakfast. Sunday, the missionaries came for dinner and we were treated to steak and key lime pie. On our final day, we spent the afternoon on the Baisden's boat. It was so nice just to relax.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jayden's new trade

Looks like Jayden's found his niche...small engine repair. He was able to repair Dad's trimmer and then show Kenzie how to edge.

Breck & Sienna Come to Visit

Papa and Sienna on the skag
Papa teaching Sienna to cut the grapes
Papa and Breck having a "scruncher"
Uh oh...Breck discovered how to turn on the tree lights
Breck and Sienna playing in the dirt
Jayden still knows how to play too!
Breck and Sienna

I miss those kids already!!! We were so blessed to have Breck and Sienna come stay for the weekend while Josten and Sarah ran off to the Oregon coast for some fun! Admittedly, it's a little harder on me these days chasing two and three year-olds around but at the end of the day, when you see their sleeping faces, it's hard not to smile. Mackenzie came to stay just to help me out...what a sweetie! Colby was here for one night and went home exhausted...ha!! Our seven year old grandson couldn't keep up with Breck. We stayed pretty close to home but I cleaned out a section in my garden so Breck could play with the dump trucks. That's all he thought about was "playing in the dirt". We watched several kids movies-which I loved and just basically followed the kids around and played. Sienna braved a ride on Papa's tractor while he mowed the lawn. What beautiful little kids...thanks for trusting me with them.