Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lisa and Katrina
Lisa, Katrina and Ron

Shyane, Lisa and Mackenzie
Before Shawnte's shower, I took the girls to my old and dear friend, Lisa's house for lunch! (She's as good a cook as I am...although her Italian blood probably gives her the upper edge). Lisa and I were roommates when Karen was a little girl so we go back a long ways...Her and hubby Ron (Gates...yes related to the infamous Bill Gates) just moved back from Seattle. I'm so glad they're we can visit more!!

Shawnte's Day

Shawnte's Day...lots of fun new things for our new little baby boy! I drove up with Shyane and Mackenzie so we could join in the fun! We had a fun trip. Those girls are little comedians!
Singing the Back to School Blues

Slamming, cramming, learning to memorize! What was I thinking? Ever read the story of Utopia? How about trying to unravel the woven web of communism? (I had to call Josten for that one). That's where I'm at as I move into the final stretches of my first quarter in school. All in all, I think I've done extremely well considering it's been 30 years since I cracked my last text book (as if I took it seriously then). I'm not on the honors roll by any means but I feel somewhat accomplished. I have hopes! Thanks for all your love and encouragement...