Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Camping at Jubilee Lake

We're doing a lot of "lasts" before Jayden heads off on his mission. We wanted to get a camping trip in so we headed down to Jubilee with Karen, Travis and the kids where we're guarnteed to catch fish...which we did. We snagged over 50 trout! Weather was beautiful and it was so relaxing. 
 Kenzie got a boo boo...
 Tracen being a little dork
 Colby loves fishing with Grandpa

 Karen lookin' cute
 Grandpa was playing monster with Tracen
 Total goofs

 Grandpa teaching Tracen to tie his shoe
Grandma feeling blessed

On Sunday, we took our time coming home; heading down to Lake Wallowa and stopped in Joseph, Oregon for lunch.

On the way home we ran into a horrendous storm that forced us to hide behind a large warehouse in Pendleton until the winds died down. We had 70 mph winds that nearly ripped our canoe off the truck! It was crazy. By the time we reached Umatilla we were on empty and pulled in to get gas. Unfortunately, there was no power anywhere gas. We said a little prayer and drove 30 miles on an empty tank and made it. The Lord is always watching over us.

Monday, September 9, 2013

To The Mountains We Go

Dad, Jayden and I drove up to Ruth Ann and Bill's for a relaxing weekend and had a blast! They have a beautiful cabin on the north fork of the Coerd' Alene River, heading into the Bitterroot Mountains and Montana. It's amazing country. We arrived late Friday and enjoyed a scrumptious chicken dinner around the campfire. Saturday we bummed around the area for awhile checking out the sites, plants and St. John's Wort...(we enjoyed the little buzz we were getting picking them wild). Later in the day, we hopped onto the ATV's and headed up above the timberline, going into Montant. We happened upon a pile of fresh Grizzly scat filled with berries. We saw some glacial lakes on the way too. In one direction, we look off toward the Selkirk Mountains. In another, the Cabinet Range. Fall is already creeping in. On Sunday, we took a drive over to the Ancient Cedar Groves. We topped off our weekend target shooting with Bill's crossbow and had a moose venture into our camp. Wonderful memories!!