Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's

Zoey playing with Grandpa
Grandma playing with Brody
Beautiful boy Brody
Zoey woke up a little fussy
Zoey, conked out

Jonbrock and Sheri brought their beautiful kids over for dinner. What a treat they are. Good company, great food (I might add), and giggling children make for a fun Sunday afternoon. Zoey was quite taken with Grandpa and Jayden - because they are so willing to be little kids themselves, while Brody spent a lot of time snuggling with Grandma.

Fishing at Jubilee

Shawn, Jayden and Katrina (relaxing by the fire)
Goofy duo
The boys are quite pleased with themselves
Jayden and Shawn chillin'
Weekends at Jubilee have been extremely productive! We're catching mounds of trout when other campers are complaining there's no fish in the lake!! ha... At one point, a man asked what we were using....Jayden's response, "hooks." Too funny. We took our "adopted son" Shawn with us this time because he loves to camp and fish and his parents don't, so... We had a blast fishing, swimming, eating, and of course ending it with our traditional trip to DQ for a blizzard.