Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Youth Night - Ropes Course

It's awesome having the whole family involved in mutual night. I arranged to have a friend of mine, Andi lead us in a ropes / obstacle course event. It was a blast!!!  The theme was "Experiences" and how to deal with whatever comes in life. After a BBQ of hot dogs and corn on the cob, the Crestview Ward youth participated in the activity, then we took Kenz and Shy back to our house for a fire and ghost stories. It was a fun evening!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Dinner with the Olsen's

We finally got to meet Jonbrock's beautiful new son, Blaise. Kevin, Cindy and the kids were all over for dinner including Shannon (Jonbrock's girlfriend) and her little guy, Malix. Malix was quite taken with Marley ~ our new Morning Dove. What a fun Sunday afternoon we had. I made Sloppy Joe's with macaroni salad and cherry crisp. We set up tables out back and just relaxed to good conversation and friends. Love it!

 Grandpa showing Malix how to hold the bird
 Shannon, Jonbrock and Malix
 Jovi and Cindy
 Dad, Jayden and Blaise
 Jovi and Marley
 Jayden having a conversation with Lindsie and Leslie
Leslie trying the bird on 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Camping with the grandkids!

We had a much needed mini-vacation as we went camping up at Lake Jubilee with Travis, Karen and the kids. Grandpa had such a fun time teaching the kids how to fish. He was so relaxed and after the ordeal he's been through these past several months...he deserved it! 

Thursday was just a fun night of laughing and sitting by the fire telling stories and eating smores. Friday was spent fishing in the morning but we had to hurry back to camp as by late afternoon, we had a torrential downpour. The thunder was incredibly deafening but we were loving the experience! Grandpa, Travis and Jayden were quickly putting up a huge tarp to keep us out of the elements. Saturday was an incredibly beautiful day filled with fishing, swimming and canoeing. We also did a little hiking until Grandpa ran into a log and cut his shin pretty bad. I had to use my nursing skills to clean and wrap! Camping wouldn't be the same without Grandpa getting hurt! Geez...

Travis and Karen kept us fed with good food while Colby and little Travis kept us in firewood. Boys and their hatchets! I was busy keeping our new bird fed and secure.

It was a wonderful time!
 Awesome campsite!
 Colby & Travis Jr. getting firewood
 John and Katrina getting their new baby (a morning dove)
Travis and Karen ramming into us with their new canoe 
 Grandpa helping Kiersten bring in her fish!
 Grandpa with Colby, Travis Jr., Tracen and Kiersten
 Tracen helping Grandpa with the tarp
 Kenz, Karen, Kiersten and Shyane
 Travis and John getting the tarp up
Jayden caught the biggest of the season
 Travis braiding Karen's hair! Good husband...
Kenz, Jayden and Shyane

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Father's Day Weekend

We had a fun Father's Day weekend in Bonner's Ferry with the grand kids. John really wanted to go up to let the kids see that Papa was well. The last time they saw him he was going in for surgery. Mackenzie came with us. Shawnte' and Cameron brought the kids too so we were all together! It rained most of the weekend but time spent with family was relaxing and just what we needed! Saturday evening, Owen took us to see Kaelynn and Makenna perform in their dance recital! So precious....

 Papa with his princesses
 Shasta with Makenna and Kaelynn
 Colson...what a face!
 John and Katrina...forever
Monday morning, Shasta and the kids went with us to find a "ghost town" up in the mountains. Not much left of the town but the kids loved looking for treasure. It's always a fun adventure with Papa!!