Monday, June 9, 2014

Have I Done Any Good?

There have been bittersweet emotions these past 6 months as Jayden serves faithfully in the Armenia Yerevan Mission. The feeling of loneliness is overwhelming at times but even that is becoming a shadow of its original intensity. Jayden is loving the work and growing so fond of the people he serves. How can I deny him this experience by holding him back? I finally feel as if I've let go and allowed him to soar. He's an amazing missionary and has already made District Leader. Jayden was born to lead, and born for this time. Of that I am absolutely certain. He has mastered the Armenian language.
So proud of him~

John and I are learning to live life without Jayden being the center of it. We're talking more, dreaming more and laughing more. Key ingredients to a long standing relationship, I think. We've taken a couple of trips. We took a day trip with Kevin & Cindy up to Colville to look at property. We went by way of Lake Roosevelt which involved riding the ferry. That was a great day! Just good conversation, munchies and scenery. 

 Coming around the bend!
 Kevin, Cindy and I on the ferry

 John and Kevin
Snow still on the pass!

On Memorial Day we took a day trip to Packwood with Karen and crew. Spent the day walking around the flea market, then lunch then on a hike. We were so blessed as it was drizzling all day but did not rain until we'd returned from our hike at the Blue Hole. Prayers were answered. Fun day with our kids.