Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jehkiah's Graduation

Father and Son
Stopping for a snack before dinner :)
Suzanne and Jayden
Katrina, John, Jehkiah and Jayden
Jehkiah (almost looking somber)
Too magnificent not to share
Singing his favorite song
Little Morgan (two days old)
It's finally over...Jehkiah is now officially a nuclear medicine tech! All the struggle and study has paid off. John, Jayden and I drove down for the graduation on June 13th and spent a fun weekend with Jehkiah. (I need to add that a week before, someone from our area called and asked if we could rescue a black bird (nestling) they found in their yard. After the wind storm we had, they couldn't find the nest, so we drove out and picked him up. We called him Morgan. He was very fragile and I had to take him to school with me so I could feed him regularly and keep an eye on him. That caused quite a bit of attention when Morgan would start hollering for me from inside the little basket. My teachers were patient, though. He was growing quickly and making lots of fun noises. But, we noticed he did have trouble digesting. You can see by the photo's how he loved riding on the dashboard.) We love hoteling it so we stayed in a hotel in Klamath Friday and Saturday. After graduation, we went to his friends house for a barbecue then Jehkiah took us on a tour of the city. We fell in love with the area. Sunday, we found little Morgan had died while we were out having breakfast. We were very sad. After church we did more sightseeing and took a drive up to the Lake of the Woods to bury our bird, and then onto Paul and Suzanne's for the night. Paul is Jehkiah's former Branch president (now Stake Pres.) and we had a blast. Suzanne let Jayden take her horse for a walk and then we just kicked back to visit. It was a warm, memorable day. On the way home, we stopped and viewed a fun historical like John. Stretches the fun to the very last minute.

Tea Party

Shyane and Mackenzie
Our tea party setting
(with my grandmother's china and tablecloth)
Every year my granddaughter's Shyane and Mackenzie come over while Grandpa takes the boys (Jayden and Colby) camping for the father/son outing. This is our girl time. Because Shy was performing in a play on Friday night (May), she chose Drama as our tea party theme. So, Friday we went to the play, which was fabulous and afterward grabbed an ice cream cone at McD's, then came home to watch a girlie movie. Saturday morning I was up early to prepare a huge breakfast and set the table with ancestral pictures of the women in our family who've paved the way for them. We did a pajama party this year and sat around the table drinking raspberry tea and talking about my great grandmother's experience when women were allowed the vote. My grandfather actually hid the horses so she couldn't ride into town and cast her ballot...however, being the stubborn woman she was, Myrtle put on her walking shoes and walked to the polls. The girls thought this was so awesome. We then proceeded to write our own character outline - as if we were casting a play. I wanted them to envision what kind of a person they are or want to be. I think they learned something about themselves. It was a wonderful day.

Sister's Reunion

Wow! What a quarter. I'm so glad finals are over and I can just breathe. Note, I didn't say relax... I have lots of projects that have been "on hold" during the school year. I passed with better than expected grades and thoroughly enjoyed my history class and found a lot of enlightening moments. There was much I didn't know. Math was a challenge but I loved learning. I just wish I could learn without the stress of a grade. In May, my sister's came from all over and stayed with me for a weekend. The occasion was my nephew's reception but we tweeked that and turned it into a reunion!! Also, our dear friend, Lisa and her husband Ron drove over from Spokane to join in the fun. It was absolutely wonderful to have them here to visit and to reminisce about our lives and experiences. We've come a long way girls. Even if we are just a tad bit older.