Monday, September 24, 2012

Final Camping Trip of the Season

For our final camping trip of the season, we booked a cabin at Zarahemla near White Pass at Mt. Rainier. Karen and Travis came with us so we all stayed together in the cabin. It was a blast!! We arrived Friday early evening and set up (which wasn't much, considering) then had dinner. There's just a wonderful feeling when you're crammed into a little cabin playing games and laughing with your kids and grand-kids.  Saturday, after breakfast Grandpa took Colby fishing, then we all grabbed a canoe and went out on the lake. Imagine a beautiful Autumn day, a pristine lake and the laughter of your family all around you. It was just so relaxing. It was a prelude to Christmas!

Mackenzie & Jayden hanging out
The lake at sunset
John, up early to go fishing
Colby hanging out with Grandpa
We had all the canoes we could handle
Everyone scrambling for breakfast
Tracen teasing his mommy
Yes, we had to bring the bird
Jayden and Colby, having a moment
Marlee, riding in style