Monday, February 23, 2015

Bonner's Ferry Trip

John and I found a little spare time so we ran up to Bonner's Ferry Wednesday (Feb. 18th) there late but the kids were anxiously waiting! So fun. Thursday, John did story time at Colson's preschool, which was fun for the kids. They LOVE John. Afterward, John and I snuck downtown BF and did some serious thrift-store shopping (scored on lots of fun stuff). Friday the kids didn't have school so we took a little hike and just played around. On Saturday, when Owen got home, we drove over toward Coeur d'Alene and did another long hike before heading back home. It was bliss just hanging out with the kids and holding little Talia. It was a nice relaxing weekend....we desperately needed!
 The kids loving play time
 Tanner & Shasta
 Serious story telling time

 Playing with the kids
 Braden...the birdman. Just like Papa
 Kaelynn ~ playing so beautifully
 Princess Talia
 Sweet Makenna
 On our hike...
 We raced up the stairs to watch the train speed by