Saturday, January 30, 2010

Baisden's visit

Grandpa, Grandma and our beautiful kids!
Shasta, Owen and the kids came to visit the weekend of the 15th (since Jayden and I had Monday off from school). We had such a wonderful weekend. They arrived late Friday night, so we stayed up to talk and woke early Saturday to sausage, eggs and Grandma's banana bread. I think Braden ate the whole loaf! He loved it, which made me happy. We decided to take the kids hiking at our favorite spot; Chamna Reserve. It's a beautiful hike along the river and the kids did great! Braden found a dinosaur "egg" (much to Grandpa's encouragement) and had to bring it home to wait for it to hatch. By the time evening rolled around, they were all so tired of hearing about that "egg" (rock) that Owen and Grandpa went out and found a dinosaur to hide for him the next morning. He wasn't fooled. He woke up and said, "that's not a real dinosaur!" When Braden told me about it later I said, "Of course not, Braden. Grandma can't have a real dinosaur living in her house." He was content with that. What a cutie. Kaelynn, found my Victorian hat and tin full of jewelry so she was happy to embrace her girlie side. just Makenna. Those precious girls could melt an ice cap. Kaelynn helped me with pancakes, dishes, whatever I was doing...she wanted to help. Karen, Travis and kids came Friday night for a big fish fry! It was good to play games and be with our kids (and feel good. It felt like the flu wanted to be there but we were keeping it at bay!) Such a fun weekend.
Jayden, having more fun with Braden's toy
Kaelynn, loving to dress up
The little princess
Makenna and that beautiful smile!
Uncle Jayden, teaching Braden to stand tall
Say "cheese". Grandma and Kaelynn doing dishes
Such a big helper!
Makenna and Braden, tickling Uncle Jayden
Grandma, getting a special foot and leg massage
Braden opening his birthday card

New Year's 2010

The New Year started off with the winter flu. Josten began the cycle when they arrived Tuesday afternoon, and I ended it on Sunday! ha... Fortunately, it was only a 24 hour thing and we all survived. Shawnte', Cameron and baby Vance came to visit as well. Weather was good, and the kids got to play in the little snow we had. Sarah and I got to take in some shopping on Wednesday. Thursday- New Year's Eve, Josten went shopping and treated us all to a yummy night; shrimp, chips, Martinelli's, etc. Sarah and Shawnte' decided to brave the icy sidewalks at midnight and make their toasts outside! fun to be young. Saturday, Shawnte' and I met up with Karen and the kids at the mall and by Saturday night...I was down for the count. I didn't even realize that Jovi, Jonbrock and the whole family came to hang out. But, there are pictures to prove it.

Jayden, Breck and Mackenzie
Sienna playing in the snow
Jayden, pulling Breck and Sienna on the sled
Jayden - being a great uncle
Sarah, Grandma and Breck
Breck and Vance - picking on Grandpa
Sienna, Breck and Vance
The Cornett, Olsen, Morton clans