Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rally for Freedom

Clint and John...reminiscing about the early radio days Clint, encouraging our boys to stand up and let their voices be heard

We attended our local t-party rally today. We had a great turn-out and I continue to pray that we use our voices and combine our efforts in the fight for freedom and personal rights. Clint Didier (two-time Superbowl winner with Washington Redskins and also played with Green Bay Packers) was a guest speaker and so excited to see John after all these years. He and Charlie (John & Charlie in the morning) used to have Clint on every Tuesday and they talked sports. We'd gotten to know him pretty well. At the rally, he announced his plans to run for the Senate and he's asked John and Charlie to help him out. We'll see where it takes us. He has our support...he's a terrific guy.

Jovi's home

Jovi was overwhelmed at the sight of his family
Jovi's friends came out to welcome him home
Dad really is the only one who understands
AMAZED at how tall Jayden got

Jovi made it home from his mission on Wednesday! He was out of sorts, as expected. It's hard to spend two years in the "spirit of service" and then come home to the "world". We're helping him make the transition by just showing an increase of love and encouragement. He's starting some college classes so maybe we'll run into each other on campus! School starts back up on the 21st...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Grandkids are the greatest

Aren't grandkids just the greatest blessing in life. Little Tracen has already learned to snuggled on Grandma.

Then there's Colby, who's loves to snuggle with Grandpa!

Jayden's Knife Accident

I didn't realize I could be so close to heart failure as I was yesterday. We were getting ready to head up to the mountains--Packwood to do some serious yard sale/flea marketing when Jayden came running down the stairs and out the front door yelling and in quite a panic. He wasn't hysterical just extremely serious and told me that he'd just cut his leg with his new knife. (Apparently, he slipped with the knife in his hand and when his leg went under him, his hand holding the knife plunged right into it.) I ran out to the front porch to look at it and about lost my mind. He had a gaping hole on his right calf. I threw the dishtowel over it, told Jayden to press on it so I could go get the car keys. On the way to the hospital I called John's cell (he was on his way home from an early fishing day) and told him to meet me at emergency. The funny thing was, Jayden was calming me down. "Mom, it's okay. Just get me to the hospital." I was flipping out of my mind...this is my baby! What a trooper he is...such a level headed kid. Now he has a cool scar to show off...ha! The doctor said he'd cut right through the muscle and has to be on crutches for a few days. He had to have 14 stitches-5 of which holds the muscle together. What an emotional day but a great lesson for Jayden. When one seemingly simple choice can turn your life into a different direction. Although it was an accident, he's still learning to treat knifes, guns, etc. with a little more respect.

Jayden's scar
14 stitches and proud of 'em
You can see how far the knife went into his leg
A tired, hurting boy

Annual Crestview Ward Luau

Dan Jacks and his quilt
You go girl!
Jayden hanging out with Shawn & Sierra Stallings
Dad and his famous rootbeer
We had a blast at our ward Luau! Of course, John was in charge of making his rootbeer and I got to be part of the entertainment; hoola-hooping! Who would've known that my favorite childhood pasttime would benefit me later in life!! I didn't embarrass my family for which I'm grateful. :) Our friend and former bishop, Dan Jacks received a beautiful quilt with "gratitude squares". It was a celebration of all the years of service he's given us. What a great day...time to visit and mingle with our good friends.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tracen Nicholas Thorn

Karen and Tracen
Travis was so attentive to Karen
Proud Daddy
Grandma's in love...
Big Sister Shyane
Talk about bored!

My new grandson has finally arrived. We've waited so (im)patiently for him to join our family. It was quite an ordeal for Karen; 15 hours of labor and he still didn't want to come out... She endured it well and is such a good mommy! Poor Travis was so bored (and tired) he defrosted the freezer in Karen's hospital room...what a hoot!!! Shyane was in the delivery room with me and Travis. I think the experience changed her life. She was so emotional when she saw her little brother. It was a wonderful moment....