Friday, July 26, 2013

Jayden Gets His Mission Call

What more can I say? I know this is an inspired call and he'll be an outstanding servant of the Lord! 
Armenia Yerevan Mission. Reports December 4, 2013.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bird Whisperer

On top of graduation, planning girls camp and preparing kids for Pioneer Trek...I rescued two birds this spring: a Finch and a Starling. Although Starlings are obnoxious little creatures, it was an amazing experience taking this day old "pterodactyl" and nursing it to maturity. I'm literally having to teach it to fly and eat on its own, which is not easy! It knows when I enter a room because it squawks like it hasn't eaten in a year (kind of like a teenager at this point). He thinks I'm his mommy.

Our beautiful mourning dove, Marlee helped with our Finch by feeding it and prompting it to fly. When put side by side in the cage, our dove would wrap its wing around the Finch and coo.

 Little Finch
Marlee's attached to the little girl
 Starling; about a day old
Starling ~ little always hungry!
 Starling isn't quite sure what to think of "freedom"

The Finch was released and lives with another brood in the back yard. The Starling was freed July 4th, Independence Day. She was reluctant at first, then soared.

Enjoy the photo's!!