Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

John, Katrina, Travis, Karen, Shasta, Owen, Shawnte' and Cameron

The Thorn Bunch:)

Travis and Karen

Mom and Jayden at the Columbia River temple

Easter weekend was especially wonderful as Travis went through the temple for the first time on Saturday. Shasta, Owen and the kids came, as well as Shawnte' and Cameron and their two beautiful kids. While waiting for the session to start, we sat outside on the grounds. A photographer asked Jayden and I to help him set up shots for a wedding group that was just coming out. That was a little weird:)

We had use of the nursery at the chapel so Karen's crew, Jayden, and a couple of his friends helped watch all the kids while we went in. They did an amazing job with all those kids. How many teenagers does it take to change Colson's diaper? Four!! ha...

" The Babysitters"

The endowment session was a powerful experience and Travis digested everything. You could see it in his countenance. He grasps the gospel and embraces all of the Lord's doctrines. It's such a blessing to Karen and her family. Afterward, Shawnte' and Cameron had to go home but Shasta and crew met us over at Travis and Karen's for brunch. We had a wonderful day. Shasta and Owen left to go visit his sister so we had to say goodbye. Or did we?

Later that evening we got a call from Shasta saying that Owen gave her the option to go home for conference or come to our house for Easter. Duh! To Grandma's house they came. Shasta and I took off to do a little grocery shopping before bed. We were up early and spent a wonderful Easter together. The spirit was very strong in church and we were able to bring that home as we shared a meal of chicken gravy over potatoes, strawberry salad and topped it off with an oreo cake for Colson's first birthday!! We were able to share our traditional Easter story while the kids each opened the eggs filled with symbols of the Savior's death and resurrection; helping them to embrace the meaning of the Atonement a little.

Braden and Jayden playing "go fish"

Kaelynn reading from the Easter egg

Colson's 1st Birthday
Our beautiful Makenna

I love our family; our children and grandchildren. What a powerful blessing the eternal perspective is.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Hanging out with grandkids

Jayden (holding Tracen) with Shyane, Mackenzie, and Colby Tracen loving Grandpa's tractor
"Lookin' good, aren't I?"
Is that Shyane on her IPod? always...

Does life get any better? I love having the grandkids here. They just came to hang out while Travis took Karen out for dinner. It was her 35th birthday. Jayden kept them busy planning outside. Love it!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Running Start

Jayden's concert Driving (mom crazy:)

It's official! This morning Jayden tested for the Running Start program at the community college and Aced it--exceeding his expectations. So, he'll be finishing up his high school years at the college. By the time he graduates in 2013, he'll have his AA degree and be ahead of the game. Looks like he's aiming for a Liberal Arts Degree; wants to teach music, I think. I'm such a proud mom.