Monday, August 24, 2015

Cannon Beach ~ RV Style

Love the beach life. Karen had a free weekend at the RV Park in Cannon Beach and invited us along. It was beautiful!

Dad and I took off in the wee hours of the morning, August 20th. We crossed over at Bridge of the God's to the Washington side and went through Washougal....etc. ending up at Long Beach. We did a bit of shopping and had lunch before going on over to Astoria and working our way down to Cannon Beach, where we met up with Karen and crew!

The RV Park was pretty nice; equipped with nice showers, a pool, Jacuzzi and within walking distance of the beach. Thursday night we had dinner before heading over to the beach to watch the sunset. Then we went swimming. Friday was spent shopping before heading over to Oswald State Park and relaxing at the beach.... Saturday we did the shopping, sightseeing and beach thing. Late in the evening we walked into town for ice cream, then on down to the beach until way after dark.

Sunday morning, Dad and I left early and took our time heading home. We took an alternate route which was rerouted because of the fires and ended up getting to Portland late afternoon. We went to dinner, drove over to the temple where we walked the grounds...then headed on home....arriving usual. :) But it was worth it. We had a wonderful weekend and treasured time with family!
 Burying Colby
 Shopping at Ilwaco Summer Days!
 Kenz, Grandma, Travis Jr. and Colby

Monday, May 18, 2015

Sister Time

Kandy and I met in The Dalles on Friday afternoon (I parked my car at the local LDS chapel:) so we could ride on into Vancouver together! We got in a little shopping before making our way over to Aunt Phyllis' and met up with Nancy for our fun weekend together! I LOVE SISTER TIME....

We spent the weekend visiting, going over to visit Tim, shopping, shopping, lunch with Aunt Phyllis, Lee Anne, Linda, (Lee Anne's daughter), Nancy, and Caitlin (Nancy's daughter)...and more shopping...and more eating....ha!!

Nancy has a beautiful home in Washougal and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We had a great and memorable weekend...together.

 Aunt Phyllis (My grandma's little sister)
 The view from Nancy's (I wanted to move in...ha)
Kandy, Tim and I (Tim & I used to be roommates when we were younger)

Monday, April 27, 2015

Jovi and Sam's Wedding

 Dad and I took a whirlwind trip to Sacramento ~ by way of Reno for Jovi and Sam's wedding. We started out in the late afternoon on Tuesday the 21st. We drove all night, tried to rest at different rest stops until we pulled into Reno around 11 a.m. Wednesday. Was super excited to spend time with Dad and Lannette. I also met my inheritance...Fred the Tortoise! 

THIS IS FRED....he is so personable. Will come when you call him, and when it's time for bed, he parks himself in a corner of the kitchen. Too funny.

Wednesday, after lunch we spent the afternoon doing some thrift store shopping and then back home for a scrumptious dinner of seafood fettuccine! On Thursday, we mainly just hung out, and then hit the local mall and looked at "man stuff", ha!! Dad made us a wonderful Salmon dinner. It was just good to be with them.
Dad, me and Lannette

We left around 9 a.m. Friday to drive on down to Sacramento. The Olsen's rented an awesome little house so we all bunked there. Josten flew in, Shasta drove with her mom, and Javis and Jonbrock drove down with Liliana and Bricen. It was a blessed day for Jovi. He was so happy. Sam is a wonderful girl. The sealing was special, and spiritual while the wedding reception was magical. So happy that we could be included in their special day. So grateful to have spent time with Josten too!

 Josten and Kevin
 Shasta and Talia (eyeing Grandpa)
The bride and groom Sam and Jovi

Monday, February 23, 2015

Bonner's Ferry Trip

John and I found a little spare time so we ran up to Bonner's Ferry Wednesday (Feb. 18th) there late but the kids were anxiously waiting! So fun. Thursday, John did story time at Colson's preschool, which was fun for the kids. They LOVE John. Afterward, John and I snuck downtown BF and did some serious thrift-store shopping (scored on lots of fun stuff). Friday the kids didn't have school so we took a little hike and just played around. On Saturday, when Owen got home, we drove over toward Coeur d'Alene and did another long hike before heading back home. It was bliss just hanging out with the kids and holding little Talia. It was a nice relaxing weekend....we desperately needed!
 The kids loving play time
 Tanner & Shasta
 Serious story telling time

 Playing with the kids
 Braden...the birdman. Just like Papa
 Kaelynn ~ playing so beautifully
 Princess Talia
 Sweet Makenna
 On our hike...
 We raced up the stairs to watch the train speed by

Monday, January 12, 2015

Depoe Bay In January

There's nothing like the beach in January! John and I took Karen, Travis and the kids to Depoe Bay with us this year and had an awesome time. Did lots of site-seeing, swimming, shopping and touristing. Is that even a word?

John and I went up Wednesday the 7th and lucked out ~ we were able to check into the condo early which left us an entire day of play. Of course, after unpacking our stuff, we headed straight over to Newport and had lunch at the Chalet...our favorite clam chowder...then on to do some shopping.

Karen's crew arrived Thursday and after they unpacked, we hit the streets and did the tourist thing, and once it got dark, walked down to the pier in Depoe Bay. Friday, we toured the Lighthouse Museum, and then played on the beach where Tracen nearly got swept away by the tide and shop hopped in Depoe Bay. Saturday, we toured the Ripley's Believe it or Not museum (waste of $) and the Hatfield Marine Science Center. It rained most of Saturday so it was a good day to do that!

Our favorite highlight was watching the sea lions in Newport. They are so loud and boisterous but it was fun to watch them squabble...kind of like Mackenzie and her siblings...ha!

Our room, of course was fabulous. I sat outside on the deck in short sleeves eating my breakfast. We caught sight of a few whales as well, which was fun.

 View from our room
 Dad and I at Depoe Bay
 At the Aquarium
 Colby and Tracen outside the lighthouse
 John was struggling...just after surgery

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Weekend at Arrow Point

John and I escaped from reality Wednesday (17th) and drove up to our timeshare at Arrow Point on Lake Coeur d'Alene for a long, fun weekend. It was an amazing trip. Wednesday, after settling in, Jehkiah and Casey brought Jace and little Nyla for a short visit. They came again on Thursday and had dinner with us and we spent the evening visiting and playing with the kids.
 Jace wrestling with his dad
 Hiding from Grandma 
 Nyla...just being cute
Our condo was awesome. Nice big master bedroom, bath and kitchen. Plenty of room to entertain. The view out the back was breathtaking, especially in the morning when the mist hovered over the lake.

 Friday, Shasta and the kids came and I took them swimming in the pool! We had so much fun. Lots of good bonding with Grandma, which I love!!! Afterwards, we had snacks and lunch back at our place and just hung out! Karen & Travis arrived just about dinnertime.
Karen won tickets to the water park in Hayden so that's where they spent their Saturday! Dad and I drove into Post Falls and met up with Josten and family. Josten's family and Shawnte's crew followed us up to the condo where we hung out for awhile. After Shawnte' left, I took the kids swimming in the pool...again! What fun to have that form of entertainment. I love to swim. We had a great time. Karen was there when we finished so we all got to hang out and visit. I fixed us all dinner; hamburgers, rice-a-roni and corn. Good times.
 Sienna...having some alone time
 Breck...being goofy
 Karen & Sarah...talking "kids"
We drove into Post Falls Sunday morning to attend Sacrament, and to be part of little Alton's blessing. What a wonderful day ~ surrounded by family. Afterward, we went to Sherry's for lunch and visiting. There's never enough time to be with our family!
 Jovi, Owen, Dad and Travis
 Travis & Nyla...she stole his heart
 The guys...talking "teenagers"
 Shasta & Talia
Jehkiah & Nyla