Sunday, March 1, 2009

Just plain catching up!

Jayden and his buddies getting ready for camping
Mac on the court

Dad reading Jayden's Birthday letter...what a tear-jerker!

For a want-a-be writer, I'm sure not very diligent in keeping the blog going. Will try to condense the past month or so. I have been swamped with school assignments but am LOVING IT! I really am surprising myself. I'm getting A's in Speech Class and even presented a short synopsis of the first chapter of my book for my manuscript reading assignment. My teacher, Ginny was very impressed and asked if she could buy a copy so she could finish reading it...ha! Developmental Psychology is going along and I'm "getting it", although I don't agree with some of the issues. I even came home one day, my heart and soul just aching because the teacher - a professed know-it-all, validated the reality and what should be considered acceptable lifestyle of homosexuality. I really just had to pray and cry and let go because I was allowing it to get to me. So, onward onward. I'm the head of my debate team and I get to argue against the issue "Does ADD exist?" You know I've been loving this... I'm doing well in geometry and only have two more math classes left before I start the Chemistry/Biology stuff! Yikes. It even sounds scary.

We had a quiet Birthday for Dad...just made his favorite Seafood Fettuccine and pecan pie. He opened a few gifts and just relaxed for the day! I love quiet Sunday's with my boys.

Have been taking Mackenzie to her basketball games on Saturday when Karen has to work... Wow can that girl shoot! She amazed me yesterday when she scored a basket at half court! Where did she learn all those moves??

Jayden's doing awesome but he can brag on his own check it out! I will say that he's such an example of what's good. I'm so blessed to be his mother. He's a true leader among his friends. When I think of Jayden, I think of Integrity and Honor. He's doing wonderful in school (A's), already registered for high school and will get into the Running Start program. He doing awesome in wrestling, a born leader in the YM program and scouts...We're looking forward to our visit to Spokane in a few weeks to watch him play trumpet in the All-State Band.

John's having surgery on his wrist this week so hopefully he'll be healed up by the time he goes back to work...which he's anxious to do (so am I). We are so tired of the rain, wind and dullness of winter. I'm itching to get dirty and start working in my garden.

Okay, I think I'm caught up. Not much going on other than school, work and family. What else is important right now?